My services



I offer translations and certified and stamped translations from Croatian into English and Spanish and from English and Spanish into Croatian.

I also offer translations and certified and stamped translations from Spanish into English language.

I also offer translations from Dutch to Croatian and English. I have been attending Dutch courses since October 2018. The teacher is a native speaker of Dutch. I passed the first exam for A1.1 level on 31 January 2019 (please see the diploma under Nederlands). I continue attending Dutch courses and passing exams.


I translate:

– laws, EU directives, documents of the European Union and the European Commission

– tender documentation

– all types of contracts

– excerpts from court registry and documents for incorporation and registration of companies

– legal documents (powers of attorney, statements of claim, convictions, decisions, decrees, last wills, minutes, notarization of documents etc.)

– complete auditor’s and financial reports (balance sheets, profit and loss accounts)

– certificates of product compliance and quality, analyses, various types of licences

– prospectuses, brochures, catalogues, web sites, polls, guides

– documents needed for working and studying abroad, for example in Canada, U.S.A., Australia, Ireland etc. (diplomas, school transcripts and degrees, birth and marriage certificates, certificates of no criminal records, certificates of residence, employment booklets, other various certificates)

– medical documentation (medical findings and discharge letters, instructions for use of medicines)


I offer:

 – all kinds of translations and certified and stamped translations (languages: English, Spanish and Croatian)

– strict adherence to all deadlines

– fast service and reasonable prices

– data confidentiality


If you want to have an accurate translation of high quality, you are in the right place! Each my translation reflects an endless love for languages. Each my translation displays the following key characteristics of a good professional translator:

– a good translator must have a wide general knowledge of all fields and a rich vocabulary; the good translator should seek continuing professional education and training both in the country and abroad

–  a good translator is someone who has an excellent knowledge of both source and target language and must have impeccable written expression

 – a good translator must also know perfectly the terminology of the field in which he/she translates (for example economy, law etc.)

– a good translator does not translate literally into another language but his/her aim is to transfer the desired meaning in the best way.